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This is the new minihub wiki with some links to various minihub online resources.

This version of the wiki has been copied from the original BOLDPEAR server and now resides on BOLDPEAR3

Minihub home page: - has information for contacting and signing up to minihub. This page has links to specific technical resources available, as well as how to guides.

WEB HOST BOLDPEAR3 - this wiki - MySQL admin tool this replaced phpmyadmin

this is for running older legacy php7.3 web apps

WEB HOST SWIFT - mysql admin tool

newer web host, with docker. up to date php


imp webmail link:

postfixadmin admin link:

postfixadmin user admin (change password, etc):

minihub matomo site usage

This is experimental, ask Minihub staff how to set up:

minihub user tech guides

* Minihub use and recommend GoDuckGo search:

Todo: insert more useful links

minihub staff tech guides

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